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Camelion Cycling Campaign - Indonesia

It is well known that reducing emissions not just can lessen climate change, but also can yield dramatic benefits to human health. 

To celebrate the Camelion 25th anniversary in a dynamic, sustainable, and healthy way, Camelion launched a series of cycling campaigns in cooperation with our global distributors. 

The first station comes on a sunny weekend of May, organized and held in Jakarta city of Indonesia by Camelion’s Indonesia partner.                   

All participants are very excited about this enthusiastic city cycling event. They gathered in unified Camelion cycling clothes and started from a fair building.


This campaign covered its routine in the center of the capital, enabling all the participants to profound cultural connotations.

 The activity is to advocate non-pollution-generated actions and lifestyle, in which sports are ideal access to live an energetic life, and to create a more sustainable living environment by reducing CO2 emissions.


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