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Prolong Battery Life

Prolong Battery Life

Batteries provide years of use if used right. Here are some suggestions to maximize your battery life.

General tips on maintaining your battery's usage life



Many users have asked Camelion about how to maintain
battery life when using chargers. 
Here are answers to some common questions.


Do quick chargers reduce battery life time? I use the 907 charger and the AlwaysReady battery.


Can batteries be recharged up to 1000 times?


I used my Super Heavy Duty batteries in my digital camera and they didn't work. What happened? What devices are super heavy batteries best suited for?


Can Super Heavy Duty batteries be used in cordless mouse?


Is it correct the Ni-MH 2700 battery needs to be re-charged for 32hrs? What is the electricity consumption?


My charger manual says the charger cut-off time is 1.5 hours. What does this mean?


Can I charge or refresh AA and AAA batteries at the same time?


Some useful articles on battery life

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