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Toy Car Racing Activities - A Celebration of Youth, Skill, and Friendship

Camelion Indonesia has kickstarted an exhilarating series of toy car racing activities set to captivate enthusiasts throughout the entire year of 2023. 

With scheduled events each month, these toy car racing activities were held in various locations across Indonesia, bringing joys to different communities.

The Camelion Indonesia partner has played a pivotal role in making this ambitious series possible. The shared vision for promoting active lifestyles, skill development, and a sense of accomplishment aligns seamlessly with the spirit of these toy car racing activities.


Camelion Indonesia's year-long toy car racing series is more than just a sequence of events. It's a celebration of youth, passion, and the joy of shared experiences. Teenagers and their families can anticipate a memorable journey filled with speed, skill, and the spirit of friendly competition.

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