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● Compact

        For easy storage and convenient for travelling use

● Maximum 3 Output
        Suitable for charging different output

● Type C output
        Specially designed For specific cables

● Short Circuit Protection
        Damage of the device is prevented in case of a short circuit occurred. 

The unit will quickly recover normal operation once the short circuit is removed.
● Over Current Protection
        The output shall hiccup when the over currents applied to the output rail, 

and shall be self-recovery when the fault condition is removed

● Input

    100-240VAC  50/60Hz  

   ● Power17W

● Output:

    Total output: 5V, 3.4A
    USB-A output: 5V,2.4A
     USB-C output: 5V, 3A

● Operating Temperature: 0℃ to 40℃

● Dimension: 88 x45 x 26mm

● Color: white

● Weight: 65±5g

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